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Feed me by ChrisMasna Feed me :iconchrismasna:ChrisMasna 91 20 Mr. Owl by NelEilis Mr. Owl :iconneleilis:NelEilis 1,463 236 Magic Card Squirrel Token by BrianLukArt Magic Card Squirrel Token :iconbrianlukart:BrianLukArt 668 199 The Promise by AnnMarieBone The Promise :iconannmariebone:AnnMarieBone 1,439 96
The Epitome Of Empathy
I am a writer, making my every whim come alive across the page
I embody empathy in my writings, in my artistry.
Yet I am constantly misunderstood
Readers see raw emotion, they assume it is mine.
Oh how wrong they are!
Yes some is   mine, but some is   yours.
Writers are not so pompous that we write only of ourselves.
We write of sun, moon and stars
Of rolling waves and rocky cliffs
Of horrific battles and sultry romance
Of this world and the next.
To accomplish this we cannot rely solely on ourselves,
We  thrive off of the emotions swirling around us.
The ebb and flow of the tide that surrounds us
We dip into it, we dabble with it
Letting it inspire us.
So the next time you read of emotions, dear reader,
You might just be surprised to find out that they are yours.
:iconflarimar:Flarimar 4 12
Devil vs Jesus by ongchewpeng Devil vs Jesus :iconongchewpeng:ongchewpeng 11,078 3,491
The Best Love Song
Not gonna raichu a love song
'Cause you'll nidoran for it
Not gonna tell you I love you
Even though you love mewtwo
I'd go back to you again
But I'm afraid to take a chansey

You can go around tossing insults
Tossing blast burns like a charizard
But don't you test my poliwrath
'Cause at times I can be quite tentacruel
Yeah, I -
You can go around tossing flame wheels
It's a big deal, like a blaziken
I won't give a damn and
I sure won't complain and
(Well, maybe I won't!)
But you rapidash'd away
I might be a slowpoke, hey
But I knew more than that to know
You're gonna stay
Not gonna raichu a love song
'Cause you'll nidoran for it
Not gonna tell you I love you
Even though you love mewtwo
I'd go back to you again
But I'm afraid to take a chansey

Wynaut go out with me
I didn't expect love to be this easy
But it's incredibly so tough
Put me to sleep with
:iconchristineanne25:ChristineAnne25 11 9
Perfect Timing Is...
Almost impossible...
It's meant to be.
:icondessertsarestressed:DessertsAreStressed 9 8
Korra by Morigalaxy Korra :iconmorigalaxy:Morigalaxy 17,959 1,351 Korra by nepneu Korra :iconnepneu:nepneu 1,532 105
And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed. (Genesis 2:25)
I'm all dressed up,
wearing my finest -
I've made myself pretty for you.
I've put my best dress on
and done myself up,
want to look perfect
and beautiful,
impeccable -
to make you fall for me
all over again.
But what is beneath
all the nice, fancy clothes?
Is it not my fear
that you wouldn't care
the way that you do
if you really knew
what I'm hiding beneath?
I hide my imperfections,
cover them up,
veiled and robed,
masked from view.
I want to be perfect
but I hide myself -
my thoughts, my feelings,
opinions you might not like,
things I'm afraid will put you off -
I hide myself
beneath a fine fašade,
afraid, ashamed,
not trusting you enough.
But I don't want this anymore.
I want
to take off all these clothes,
to strip naked
and stand before you
just as I am,
with every blemish,
every mistake,
every feeling and thought
laid bare before you.
I'll pull off this dishonesty
:icondeng-li-xin32:deng-li-xin32 15 7
Cat by EllenBloom Cat :iconellenbloom:EllenBloom 48 13


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^It means "making a fresh start" in Swahili, which is the language used in The Lion King, one of the greatest movies EVER.

This is a fresh start for me. I'm starting over.
I made my last deviantart account when I was in 8th grade, and kept it going through 10th.
Now, I'm a freshman in college.
Recently, I've seen that things aren't the way that they should be in my life, and I'm trying to find myself. Or create a better self.
I really don't know what I'm doing with my life. At all.
And I've really gotten away from writing. I used to write all the time and dreamed of becoming an author, but I don't see that happening if I can't motivate myself to do anything.
So I'm hoping this account will get me back on track.
On track to what, I don't know. Self-actualization?
Sure, let's go with that.


United States
Hey! I'm really tall!
My friends call me Skyscraper, or Sky, because that's where my head is, literally and metaphorically.
My socks never match and I can usually be found with my nose in a book. Mornings are my least favorite thing, but my new love of coffee is helping to make them suck less.
I play flute and a little bit of guitar, and love all forms of artistic expression. I fully believe that anything is possible, with both hard work and the power of Christ.
Writing is how I vent, but recently I've discovered skills in other art forms and hope to expand them.


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